The knitter's kit

An essential tool for a knitter is her little knitting kit. Like a first aid kit, this little magic pouch contains all the tools needed to repair or finalize our work. We can inherit it from our grandmothers or build it as we progress in our projects. I clearly remember, at the very end of my first project (socks), Céline asked me:

– Can you take out your case and your finishing needles, please?

- Kit? What kit? What is a finishing needle?

– It would be good if you started a kit…

Almost four years since this conversation and today I realize that my little kit is particularly close to my heart. It evolved with me and with the difficulty of my projects. Compact, light, but reassuring, always ready for any emergency.

Here are my essentials:

  • The "sardine box" kit made and screen-printed by ANNE AKA LA FÉE RAILLE
  • THE FAMOUS SCISSORS OF MONSIEUR ROULOT (Céline gave me the stork and as I found it extraordinary I decided to buy a second pair)
  • The markers made by Céline.
  • A hook to catch all the stubborn stitches that slip off the needles.
  • Carô brought me this charming box of Anis de Flavigny from France, after eating the sweets I found that the box was perfect to keep my several pins so important for blocking shawls or for assembly.
  • A needle gauge (Needle Gauge) to identify the size of any mysterious needle without precise identification.
  • Protectors for points, to protect stitches with a suicidal tendency.
  • Needles to sew wool, when using them, I announce the happiness of finishing a project.
  • Small remnants of wool to put stitches on hold
  • A measuring tape (or several, to share and forget, like umbrellas)

And you? What do you have in your precious kit?

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