Aiguille à crochet

                Friendly Wool

                They are four women who promote respect for the environment, the protection of native fauna, good livestock and animal care practices, fair trade and the promotion of ancestral traditions and techniques from the heart of “Carretera Austral” in Chilean Patagonia.

                Céline Barbeau avec Friendly Wool

                Most of the wool produced in the Aysén Region is mixed with the rest of the wool in Chile and exported, losing the identity of its place of origin. That is why they are commited to rescuing the wool produced in the Region and avoid the loss of its traceability with the aim of redefining its dignity.

                Their production process is aimed at ensuring that livestock production practices developed in the Aysén Region are improved, to achieve a better coexistence with the environment, paying special attention to all of the processes involved to achieve our final product: the ball of wool.

                They participate in the entire production process, from the classification and selection of the wool sheared by farmers, through the supervision of both industrial and manual washing and spinning, the final washing of the wool that they perform manually, finalized in the winding and labeling. In addition, they highlight the importance of each part of the production chain promoting fair trade. 

                Through this process, they get to know and maintain the traceability of the wool they produce and identify all of those involved in the production chain.

                Friendly Wool