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        Carolie Pink Fizz

        As soon as Carolie saw the ✨ Pink Fizz, Andrea Mowry • 8$ USD (English) dans son courriel, elle l’a acheté instantanément. The combination of🧶 TWEED by wieght, 100% mérinos, sport, 1 g/ 3.8 m, La Maison Tricotée 🧶 Soft Silk Mohair, mohair/silk, lace, ball of 25 g/225 m, Knitting for Olive keeps the pullover’s shape nicely when worn. It also brings out the lace panel detail. Even though this combination of yarn is slightly bigger than the one recommended, when using the same needle size and going up a size for the shirt. This ample style will keep you warm and cozy.

        Renew your essentials wardrobe with the comfortable Pink Fizz which incidently will be our second project for Par quatre chemins.

        Carolie à tricotée la version de taille 48 (4ième)

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        Pink Fizz, Andrea Mowry • 8$ USD (English) on Ravelry

        Carolie Pink Fizz

        Soft Silk Mohair, Mohair/Silk, Lace, Ball of 25 g/225 m