Papier transfert coloré - Coloured transfer paper
Papier transfert coloré - Coloured transfer paper
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Papier transfert coloré - Coloured transfer paper


The coloured transfer paper is not only a useful aid for transferring patterns in sewing, dressmaking and tailoring; it is also suitable for transferring marking to materials such as leather, wood, plaster of Paris,, porcelain or paper-board. This makes it ideal for many craft hobbies. So that the transfer of the selected pattern is clearly visible on every surface, the package contains two sheets, each 56 cm x 40 cm of the practical transfer paper, in white and blue. When the dressmaking, embroidery or quilting project is completed, the marking lines can easily be washed out of the fabric.

  • Transferring markings to the most diverse materials.
  • White and blue transfer materials.
  • For simple tracing of patterns.
  • Markings can be washed out of off.

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