Kit Wicked Thicket de Clara Beauty



Le kit contient 2 couleurs de CASA (100% laine péruvienne) par La Maison Tricotée pour tricoter la tuque en brioche Wicked Thicket créée par Clara Beauty.

Les aiguilles et le patron ne sont pas inclus dans le kit. Vous pouvez-vous procurer le patron gratuit ICI . Le patron est écrit en anglais.


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On adore Clara et on adore ses designs ! Découvrez sa formidable tuque en brioche Wicked Thicket.

Inspirée par son neveux, elle a créée cette tuque pour qu’il passe son premier Hallowen au chaud.

« It was almost Halloween when my sister asked me to knit something warm for my two year-old nephew go outside and ask for candies. It was Luke’s first Halloween, and despite he is not allowed to eat candies, he was super excited with our excitement!

As we live in Montreal, Canada, end of October is always challenging, windy and chilly. So, I picked brioche stitch among my repertoire because of the warmth of its double thickness. I also considered its versatility. I created this cosy reversible cute little hat in solid blue and semi solid mustard, his favourite colors, that can be worn both sides and increase the possibility of matching his clothes. As for the name, I got my inspiration from faery tales, where there are always wicked woods where magical creatures live and, as tricky as it sounds, its decreases, which are the key for its beauty, requires attention and care.

Finally, to make this pattern, I went for yarn in my local yarn store and pick two of local brands, taking in consideration not only its softness and bright colors, but also their twist and regularity, so important for the perfect definition of the “branches” in the motif. » – Clara Quintela

Le patron est gratuit et il y a quatre tailles disponibles (bébé, tout-petit, enfant et adulte). Les explications sont en anglais. Lien vers le patron.

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