Fil à broder métallique - Mettler
Fil à broder métallique - Mettler
Fil à broder métallique - Mettler
Fil à broder métallique - Mettler
Fil à broder métallique - Mettler
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Fil à broder métallique - Mettler


Un fil métallique résistant, élastique et idéal pour la broderie

Un fil au reflet incomparable pour enrichir vos créations d'un bel éclat. Il sera parfait pour la broderie, la courtepointe et la couture.

Chaque bobine contient 100 mètres de fil.

Ce fil est lavable en machine à 30°

Composition : 55% polyester et 45% polyamide

Fil Oeko-Tex

Schonend reinigen mit Perchlorethylen Trommeltrockner niedrige Temperatur_schonend Waschen 30°C (schonend) Bleichen erlaubt


Sewing thread METALLIC, tearproof and elastic, ideal for embroidery

If it should be eye-catching and individual, you are well equipped with our METALLIC sewing thread. Look forward to brilliant special effects that are second to none: The shiny metallic surface of the decorative sewing thread not only ensures an exciting interplay of light and shade, but also an astonishing and long-lasting 3D effect. Whether for fashionable embroidery, fancy decorative seams, or emblems: With METALLIC you are buying a sewing thread that really enriches your individual pieces.

Good things take time: Due to the more complex wrapped yarn construction, the processing of the sewing thread requires a little more time. Our recommendation: Sewing with METALLIC is easier at a reduced processing speed.

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