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Nordic Yarn

Tynn Silk Mohair - Sandnes Garn

Tynn Silk Mohair - Sandnes Garn

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A soft and ethical yarn in a wide range of colors

Available online and at Maison Knitted Angus

Tynn Silk Mohair is a soft, luxurious blend of the finest mohair, wool and silk.
This lace thread offers you a generous amount of footage. If you knit with Tynn Silk Mohair using one or more strands, you will get a light, airy and luxurious garment. Tynn Silk Mohair is a perfect companion yarn for lining with other yarns. you will get an exciting result and a good hold in any garment.

Mohair is the wool of the Angora goat. This breed of goat has long, silky, curly wool fibers. Regular wool is added to give spring and volume to the yarn. Silk adds strength and shine while holding the fibers together when the yarn is brushed. The result is a soft, light and airy yarn with a fuzzy texture.

Composition: 57% Mohair, 28% Silk, 15% Wool
Thickness: Lace
Weight: 25 grams (0.88 ounces)

Footage: 212 meters (231 yards)

Sample: 24 to 18 m per 10 cm.

Recommended needles

3.5 to 5 mm/ 4 to 7 US

Recommended hook

3.5 to 5mm

Recommended maintenance

Hand wash and lay flat to dry

Origin: Denmark

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