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The Knitted House - "A Winter's Night Dream" Slipper Pattern

The Knitted House - "A Winter's Night Dream" Slipper Pattern

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Slippers to watch over the tree!

These slippers are inspired by Victorian Christmas cards. They will be perfect for spending the holidays warm, in our pajamas and in good company.
They start from the tip of the foot towards the ankle using the Magic Loop technique.

Several techniques make this project interesting from start to finish :

  • Turkish assembly
    Reported heel
    1/1 two-tone ribs
    kitchener stitch
    Cast off like "Jeny's surprisingly stretchy cast off"
    Chain stitch embroidery
    Satin stitch embroidery
    Duplicate mesh embroidery
  • This pattern is the subject of an online course including the pattern : CLIC . The course begins on September 9, 2023. It is visible in replay.
  • You can also buy the kit including the wool and the pattern : CLIC
  • Or spoil yourself with our complete kit including: the wool, the course (in French) and the pattern: CLIC

Level required: Intermediate

Sizes (adults only)
S ( M; L) ) corresponding to a circumference of 20-21 (22-24; 25-27) cm


Casa by The Knitted House
(100% Peruvian wool ~ 200m / 100 gr)

100 (120; 140) g. in color Thérèse Casgrain (beige)
20 gr in color Jane Goodall (brown)
10 gr in color Mary O'Donnell (green)
5 gr in color Georges Sand (red)
1 meter of black yarn

Other materials

A pair of 3.5 mm circular needles of 100 cm (40'') or any other circumference to reach the sample.
1 yarn needle
1 row account (optional but practical)


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