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Knitting for Olive

Clover Tights

Clover Tights

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A staple in his or her wardrobe, baby tights are the most practical single garment to keep both the legs and the feet of your littlest ones warm. They are easy to slip on, and you can be sure that no matter how much those little toes and feet wiggle, they'll stay nice and warm. Clover Tights are designed with an overall eyelet stitch pattern and a piquot drawstring casing. They are worked top down to the toes, and in the round. You first make the drawstring casing for an i-cord string, then shape the back with short-rows to create room for diaper wearing. The work is divided at the crotch, and the legs are finished separately. Short-row heels and decreases at the toes complete the feet.

Among Knitting for Olive's different styles of baby tights, you can find the sister pattern of the Clover Tights, the basic Olive's Tights.

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