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Ruffle Romper and Ruffle Dress

Ruffle Romper and Ruffle Dress

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Perfect for all seasons and for any girl from babyhood to school years, this versatile top - a Romper in 4 sizes and a Dress in 6 sizes, all in one pattern - features a cute ruffle gracefully encircling the yoke line. This knit is the right garment everyday: the comfortable fit makes it suitable for a play-date, and the dressy look makes it appropriate for a special occasion too. Knit it sleeveless for the warmer seasons, and with 3⁄4 length sleeves for the cold months - take advantage of all the different options that this pattern offers! And if you feel like playing and matching yarn colors, make the ruffle in a contrasting colorway.

Top-down and seamless, the Ruffle Romper and Dress are knit back and forth to the beginning of the armhole to create a back opening fastened with a crocheted button loop. The piece is then worked in the round, and you can either choose to make a dress or a romper, with or without sleeves. Body shaping both in the dress version and the romper, gives the garment a full silhouette. The romper is further shaped with short-rows to allow for diaper use as well as diaper change. The ruffle is knit in the round on stitches picked up from a foundation round, and increased to give this knit that playful, frilly look.

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