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Rico Design

The lovely world of Ricorumi

The lovely world of Ricorumi

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To make room for creation, to make room for a completely different world, that of Amigurumi, discover Rico Design's charming pattern books. "The lovely world of Ricorumi" comes in a collection of books available in French. Ricorumi's 100% cotton yarn is offered in a 25g ball, which is perfect for creating these little stuffed animals!

Collection available:

- "Dress Me", really cute Amigurumi figures with their interchangeable clothes;

-"Funny Fall", crochet the little people of the forest in the colors of autumn;

- "Heartbreakers", adorable little figurines in modern pastel shades;

-"Jolly X-mas classical", super cute Amigurumi Christmas messengers in classic Christmas colors.

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